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Computer Vision 

Without a Dataset

From One Line of Code

Natural language-based
complex image understanding for any application.  


Speaks Your Langauge

Describe your query in natural language and our VLM builds a custom vision model, specific to your application.


Forget about data collection, model selection, training, testing, or repeating that process...

The Groundlight API automatically leverages our ensembles of industry-leading models from your first query. Our escalation technology handles the "edge cases", and your custom-tuned model performance gets better with every query.

Results Improve Automatically With Every Image Query


Groundlight’s assisted escalation technology routes low-confidence results to increasingly complex ML systems and human specialists in real-time.  Those answers are trained back into the model in milliseconds, constantly absorbing new information to answer future queries more efficiently.

Full-stack Computer Vision

All the magic hides behind a simple API.  You ask questions that can be answered from images. Groundlight does everything else.


Model Creation

Groundlight automatically builds a custom model for your application, starting from our Visual Language Model (VLM) and your first query. No need to even bring a data set.


Active Learning

Realtime escalations handle edge cases so that your model can work effectively from the first query. Groundlight constantly updates and tunes.


Invisible MLOps

Groundlight continuously audits both labels and results to keep your model up-to-date and always able to adapt to changes in the environment.


Always in Control

Understand usage and performance with straightforward web-based tools that don't require a PhD.

From the Playground to the Factory


We understand that making computer vision this easy might sound too good to be true.  Try it in your own application with generous free-tier usage limits.  Seamlessly launch and scale your proof-of-concept application into production using the same code.


The Applications Are Limitless

All of this is accessed from a simple API or our Python SDK.  Groundlight is in private beta with early customers today.  Sign up now for our waitlist and we'll update you as it becomes more widely available.

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