Is the path blocked?
Queries are built in natural language and map to your business value. No complex coding or labeling, just write the question that matters to you.

The answer is NO
Is any bottle missing a cap?
Implement a new process? Groundlight models work on day 1.

The answer is NO
Is the pipe leaking?
No need to retrofit your entire facility. Vision is the ultimate sensor. Point a camera, type a query, get answers.

The answer is YES
Are all workers wearing a safety harness?
Groundlight models learn on the fly and adapt to changing environments. This model continues to work even if you get different color harnesses.

The answer is YES


Groundlight extends modern machine learning (ML) with revolutionary escalation technology, enabling computer vision without a pre-existing dataset for industrial inspection, retail analytics, mobile robotics, and much more.

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“Groundlight's technology has been a game-changer for our quality control and inspection process.”

Accurate answers to complex visual questions – from day one.

Our simple API answers plain English questions about real-world images. We build customized, human-supervised AI models which seamlessly integrate into your existing business logic.

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As simple as an API call and a natural-language question. Now, any developer can build computer vision functionality, no ML or computer vision expertise required.
  • 01
    Natural-language queries
    Rather than complex programming, simply ask the question that maps to your business value.
  • 02
    Results on day 1
    Other computer vision solutions take weeks or months to deploy. Groundlight starts delivering answers immediately, without a pre-existing dataset, using a combination of proprietary ML models plus an advanced escalation architecture.
  • 03
    Real-time escalations
    Groundlight’s proprietary escalation architecture continuously solves for edge cases in real time. This ensures robust results in dynamic environments.
  • 04
    Invisibe MLOps
    Our ML experts and escalation infrastructure continuously audit model performance so you don’t have to. Models are always being updated using the latest data and science.
  • 05
    Security and privacy
    Groundlight utilizes industry-standard security and privacy best practices to secure and protect your data. Any data captured, stored, or processed by Groundlight is encrypted.

Integrations and compatibility_

Groundlight is compatible across major development platforms and available through a REST API or Python SDK. Enjoy easy deployments using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any number of hardware kits.


Join other early adopters by building computer vision solutions today.

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