July 3, 2024
Company News

Groundlight AI Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Groundlight AI announces that it has achieved SOC 2 compliance, signaling how seriously Groundlight AI takes data security and privacy.

Groundlight AI Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

At Groundlight, we take data security and privacy extremely seriously. From the very beginning, we recognized the importance of implementing stringent controls and processes to safeguard our clients' sensitive information. That's why we made the decision early on to pursue SOC 2 compliance.

What is SOC 2 Verification

For those unfamiliar, SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) is an auditing framework established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It involves an in-depth external review of an organization's security policies, procedures, and controls by an independent auditor. Achieving SOC 2 certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

What Are the Different SOC 2 Types?

SOC 2 Type 1: Evaluates an organization's cybersecurity controls at a single point in time.

SOC 2 Type 2: Type 2 report assesses the operational effectiveness of controls over a defined period of time (3, 6, 12 months).

How Did Groundlight Achieve SOC 2 Compliance

Achieving SOC 2 compliance is a marathon, not a sprint. It demands meticulous planning and dedication from teams across the entire organization. At Groundlight, we took a methodical approach by first establishing an audit timeline. From there, we worked backwards systematically to get our house in order. Teams across engineering, security, operations, and more collaborated to implement rigorous security policies and controls. We overhauled processes for everything from access management to incident response handling. Robust evidence collection and documentation mechanisms were put into place. Once we had thoroughly prepared, we brought in external auditors to conduct their independent evaluation. This was the high-stakes final exam. Our policies, technical safeguards, and control operations were stress-tested and scrutinized over an extended period.

What Does SOC 2 Verification Mean for Groundlight AI’s Data Security

From day one, Groundlight has made data security and privacy a top priority. Safeguarding our customers' sensitive information is foundational to our business. So while achieving SOC 2 certification marks an important milestone, it simply reinforces practices that have been ingrained in our DNA all along. We've never treated security as an afterthought or box to check. Instead, we've embraced building robust data protections into the core of our products and services from the ground up. Our policies, processes and technical controls are meticulously tailored to our unique operations - not generic one-size-fits-all measures. SOC 2 compliance validates that we've institutionalized this security-first mindset across the entire organization. But it's just one step along our continuous journey. As data privacy regulations evolve and new threats emerge, we'll remain vigilant in regularly reassessing and elevating our safeguards. By upholding the highest standards like SOC 2, we solidify the unshakable foundation of trust with our customers. Upholding these compliance standards unlocks new business opportunities and allows us to double down on our commitment to being steadfast in data security.

Key Takeaways of SOC 2 Verification

  • Prioritizing security and tailoring controls to our needs, not just checking boxes
  • SOC 2 enables new business growth by meeting vendor security requirements
  • Earning certification required full organizational commitment and stakeholder participation
  • This marks an important milestone, but our security journey is never complete